Ozone Without Borders

Ozone Without Borders (OWB), a global medical NGO that seeks to advocate Ozone and Medical Ozone treatments. This innovative new society will bring together all Ozone Therapy Physicians and support personnel currently practice and retired from around the globe. In addition, the society will incorporate valuable incentives for physicians who become members of OWB by way of continuing education and standards in a cohesive community. By constantly recruiting top industry leading physicians, establishing global guidelines, and launching major educational initiatives around the world, OWB will establish itself as the global leader for all Ozone applications.

The goal of OWB is to recruit any and all members and organisations from around the world. This is crucial for a number of reasons. The association will quickly grow in numbers initiating the beginning of a global movement for medical change and acceptance. OWB will erase language barriers by utilising cutting-edge translation techniques linking specialised physicians, patients, and members to all of the specialised areas in the world of medical ozone, thus, speeding up and coordinating the sharing of the research processes.

It is proven that people can achieve far more collectively than by working alone. Together, the members of OWB will strive to pass new legislation in many countries allowing for medical doctors and physicians to legally and freely practice all forms of Ozone Therapy. By having one central global organisation that advocates on behalf of all ozone applications, all members will have a place to learn, adapt, share and grow.



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