Aruba Ozone Conference April, 2018 at the Xavier School of Medicine Lecture Videos

We are pleased to announce that the Aruba Ozone Conference was as we expected and much, much more. We had wanted to concentrate on therapies and discussion centered around novel and new ideas and we received them in abundance. Most of these speakers have never spoken at a conference and all were asked to talk about something new and not what they had talked about at any other conference. i am happy to say that they all did and these sets of tapes are like no other that you have seen. So, if you are tired of the same old videos that seem to come out of Ozone Conferences, you will be extremely happy to view the new and incredible talks for this conference. My favorites are of course the panel Q and A discussions as there were many in the crowd that has excellent questions that I have heard asked and this time they were answered by the true experts of ozone therapy in the field. Below, you will find a list of videos and a summary, please note what videos you want to order, order them below and ensure that you send us a message on your order as to which videos you would like. We will then make them available to you to enjoy.





Introducing Dr. Vicky, the foremost expert on the clinical use of RHP, Recuirculatory Haemoperfusion Ozone Therapy™. Listen to Dr. Vicky as she explains how RHP is done and what it does for the patient. This video is for all of you that are curious about what RHP can do for you and your patients and is the only time ever that anyone has talked about RHP in any conference, ever. RHP is considered to be the best of all ozone therapies and this is your chance to find out why it has such great value. If you are at all interested in the success or RHP globally, or if you would like to add this modality to your list of therapies, you do not want to miss this video.

Introducing Dr. Robert Rowen, the foremost US expert on the clinical use of Ten Pass Ozone Therapy or Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy. Who in this field does not know the famous Dr. Rowen? He has dedicated the better part of his life to the pursuit of the best applications in ozone and otherwise to treat his patients and is relentless in his research and practice in doing the best he can for them. Rob is truly one of the great hero's of ozone and lectures across the world on many, many subjects. Hear him speak on not only Ten Pass but a host of other issues certain to keep you mesmerized with his incredible lecture. Rob's passion and dedication shines in this video and we all have a lot to learn from this giant in ozone therapies.

Introducing Dr. Howard Robins, the foremost world expert on the clinical use DIV Ozone Therapy. Dr. Robins has been lecturing at all conferences for a while but had stopped and now only lectures for Ozone Without Borders. His wit and style tends to please all that attend his lectures and in this lecture he talks about his RMDIV method of direct ozone injection, not only about the ease of use but as well the safety factor of RMDIV. Dr. Robins has done 245,000 treatments over 22 years and that is the reason he is the king of DIV. So, if you are interested in this extremely safe, inexpensive and powerful ozone modality for yourself or your patient, be sure not to miss this video.

Introducing the brilliant, Dr. Bill Domb. Dr. Domb has been a mainstay in the ozone industry for a while now and at this conference he explained the reasoning as to why doctors should be aware of the need to interact between dentists and doctors in the field of medicine. We all know by now the importance of not only what goes in our mouths but also that it is extremely important as to what is in our mouths. Dr. Domb has a presence like no other on a conference stage and every lecture that he does has had many attendees in awe as to his brilliance and knowledge of the human body and the use of ozone therapies. Take a look at his video and i am certain you will be pleased with the content.

Introducing the ingenious, Whit Sheppard. Whit is new to the conference circuit and his first conference lecture was about Cannebenoids and their use. The lecture has all the content needed to make one aware of not only the history of cannebenoids but the science and use as well. Whit's meticulous use of graphics and facts educated us all about the wonders and possibilities of using Cannebenoids in Alternative medicine and is a lecture not to be missed by anyone. If you have any interest in what this can do for you or your practice, this is the video to see. We invite you to take a look and see what Whit had to say about Cannebenoids as a medical modality. Interesting and useful, this video is a must.

Introducing Wendy J. Michaelis, MAC. Wendy is another newcomer to the ozone conference group and she did an incredible job of introducing the attendees to the world of mold, mycotoxins and how they affect us not only in medicine but most importantly in our places of work, homes and buildings. We get to learn what it is, the impact on society and how to get rid of it with ozone. Wendy teaches her clients and all those willing to listen how this affects us and what to do about it. Ozone is not only effective as a therapy for humans, it is also extremely effective in resolving issues related to a contaminated work place or home and in this video you will all learn why. If mold and mycotoxin and how to resolve them is an issue with you, you really need to see Wendy on stage explaining the intricacies of mold and mycotoxin reduction, an enjoyable watch to be sure.

Introducing Andre Hugo Smith who is the owner of the most advanced sauna's in the world. He explains his mission and reason for his HOCATT system. Normally Andre does not talk in conferences but graciously accepted our invitation and brought another true scientist to explain further in detail on the clinical studies done with his HOCATT system. I must admit that this lecture I was looking forward to as there have been no previous studies done on any ozonated sauna. Andre introduced us to Prof. Thomas Incledon who led us through the fascinating studies and unveiled them for the first time anywhere at our conference in Aruba. All those using any type of sauna need to hear the wealth of information that this video has to offer.

Introducing Peter E. Wilcox OD, FIOA. Peter is one of the most amazing presenters I have ever heard on stage. Peter used any and all tools in his belt to help those with eye problems regain what they have lost. His unique style and innovative techniques will leave you all speechless. He talks about what he does for patients and gives many examples of his unique work in ophthalmology. Dr. Wilcox is an eye doctor that you not only want to see about your vision needs but as well listen to if you are interested in helping patients with their eyes issues. Dr. Wilcox does not normally speak at ozone conferences and we were all delighted when he accepted our invitation for this phenomenal event. Take a look at this video, it is sure to please.

Introducing Dr.Alexandre Castelo Branco de Luca, MD, PhD. What can I possibly say about Dr de Luca, talented gynecologist and ozone expert, he comes to us from Brazil and he is one of the most exciting and interesting individuals in ozone today. His lecture was nothing short of amazing and full of content that made us gasp in amazement. Although Dr. de Luca has been on the ozone circuit for a while now, he took the challenge to show something unique and new to us and nailed it. For you to understand what i am talking about, you really need to see this video, i promise you, you have not seen anything like this on an ozone stage, ever. If advanced uses of ozone and medicine interest you, grab a copy of this tape, sit down with your favorite beverage and enjoy what Dr. de Luca has to say and show you.

Introducing Gene Barnett, the UVBI guy. Let's face it, you would have to be living in a hole if you never heard of UVBI but you probably never heard of Gene. Many have come on stages and boasted about their UVBI devices, saying how they are the best and even creating new names for an old therapy but Gene, Gene is special, he doesn't boast about his product and research which is why you may have never seen him speak but he did accept our invitation because we all really wanted to know what the heck UBVI was and what is it good for. Who better to tell us than the innovator and creator of the best, in my opinion hemalumen device on the planet, Grab this tape and listen to not only the interesting history of UVBI but also the reality of this therapy and what it can do for you or your patients. A video rich in information awaits you.

Introducing Eric Zaremski, DDS, OFM, FACE. Eric is first of all one of the most humorous presenters i have ever known. His style of presentation is very unique and again, although he has been on the ozone circuit, he brought with him a different and unique lecture that should be viewed by all as it was about something most of use and that is ozonated oil. Listen to Eric tear down everything you need to know about making and using ozonated oil both personally and in your practice. His unique style and refreshing attitude is certain to please all that view this video and we are very grateful that Eric gave us the opportunity to learn all there is to know about ozonated oils. This one video should be viewed by all of us and we should invite the public as well to buy this video so that they can fully understand the power and use of ozonated oils.

Introducing Margo Roman, DVM CVA, COT, CPT, FAAO. Margo is my favorite veterinarian but Margo is certainly not your normal veterinarian, she is heads above the rest and her dedication to both animal and human has no bounds. At this conference, we had wanted her to talk about microbiome and that she did. She took us through a tour of what this means and not only for animals but humans as well. She, in my opinion is the expert on this ever growing and popular form of treatment. Margo explains all this and even shows us what this can do and discusses the possibilities. This lecture not only inspired me but I received a mind full of education relating to microbiome and I, for one thank her wholeheartedly for her lecture.

Introducing the team of Boštjan Barbiš and Uroš Tacar. What can I say about these two, my brothers from Slovenia. One an auditor for the European Union regarding medical devices and the other a medical device manufacturer and designer. We asked them the question, what would it take to bring ozone to being an accepted form of treatment in medicine and what would it take to bring a medical ozone machine to market? Not only did they accept our proposal but they flew all the way out from Slovenia to Aruba because they were excited as to the direction we want to take and had the answers we needed. This, again is something we all need to hear and discuss among ourselves. I think it is clear that this is what we all want and funny enough is not such a big deal, well at lest when they explain it. So, if you truly want to see ozone as standard of care and want to see all ozone machines be the very best they can be, this will be a video that you will truly enjoy, don't miss it!

Introducing two videos, yes two that were shot on the last day of the conference where almost all lecturers were on stage for a question and answer period and are probably the best of all the videos in this lot. This I say because there is more information contained in these two videos than in any others I have seen. This was mostly due to the questions posed to the panel. See how the panel reacts and answers the questions posed by doctors and lay people that attended the conference. The questions were well thought out and the answers may astound you. Full of humor, facts and interesting ides and concepts, you may want to be certain that you order and watch these two videos. Please note that this is a set of tow videos and will be counted as such when ordering.

Aruba Ozone Conference Lecture Videos

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