Aruba Ozone Therapy Conference, Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba, April, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Aruba Ozone Conference was as we expected and much, much more. We had wanted to concentrate on therapies and discussion centered around novel and new ideas and we received them in abundance. These speakers have never lectured these topics at any conference and all were asked to talk about something new. We are happy to say that they all did and these sets of tapes are like no other that you have seen. If you are tired of the same videos that seem to come out of Ozone Conferences, you will be extremely happy to view the new and incredible talks for this conference. My favorites are of course the panel Q and A discussions. There were many in the crowd that has excellent questions and they were answered by the true experts of ozone therapy. Below, you will find a list of videos and a summary, please note what videos you want to order if ordering packs, order them below and ensure that you send us a message on your order as to which videos you would like. We will then make them available to you to enjoy. 

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