Ontario, Canada Ozone Doctors and Clinics

Dr. Leanne Astawan MD
Integrative Regenerative Functional Medicine 

121 Charles Street West, Suite 120
Kitchener, ON N2G 1H6
Tel: 519-578-4230Specialty: Fellow in Ozone Therapy and Advanced Prolozone Therapy. Advanced Fellow in Antiaging, regerative and functional medicine. Autonomic Resonance Testing, Neural Therapy. Fellow in the College of Family Physicians ofCanada.We provide Prolozone and Ozone Therapy for muscle pain, joint pain, and all forms of degenerative problems including: Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Back, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Arthritic Joints, Autoimmune Disease, Bell’s Palsy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Skin Problems, Rejuvenating Cosmetic Ozone.
Dr. Robert Banner MD
620 Richmond Street
London, ON N6A5J9
Tel: 519-850-6575 Fax: 519-850-6583
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone Major Autohemotherapy, Ozone Minor Autohemotherapy, Ozone Limb Bagging, Neural Therapy, Prolotherapy, Accumpuncture, Autonomic Response Testing (ART).Dr. Banner offers consultations for medical conditions that have been difficult to diagnose and/or treat. His approach is holistic, assessing a broad range of concerns that address the body as a whole. Dr. Banner is a medical doctor who holds certification in Pain Management, Anesthesiology, Family Practice and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. He identifies and prioritizes the underlying cause of health problems. Goals are set and a treatment plan outlined. At every stage of care, Dr. Banner will guide the patient to be as informed, involved and educated as possible.
Dr. Michael Prytula, ND
Nature Medicine
296 Welland Avenue
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7L9
Phone: 905-684-4934
Email: office@naturemedicine.ca
Web: www.naturemedicine.ca
Specialty: Hyperbaric Ten Pass Ozone, Direct IV Ozone, Prolotherapy, Prolozone, Platelet Rich Plasma, Major Autohemotherapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, Lyme Disease, Chronic Infections
Clinic Motto: More Life To Live!
Dr Biljana Kostovic, MD
200 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON,
phone number: 647-521-8024
fax number: 416-203-8602
website: www.upperroomclinic.com
email: hello@upperroomclinic.com

Specialty: Ozone Major Autohemotherapy, Ozone Minor Autohemotherapy, Prolozone, Prolotherapy, Nerve Blocks, Botox, PRP injections.
Dr Kostovic offers a Functional Medicine Approach to the patient, enjoying the art of understanding fundamental needs of the body by connecting physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well being. Her approach welcomes a myriad of complex health challenges.
Dr Kostovic is a medical doctor who holds certifications in Pain Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Acupuncture.

Dr. Fred Hui
421 Bloor Street East, Suite 202
Toronto, ON M4W 3T1
Tel: 416-920-4200
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone IV
Dr. Cindy Kneebone DVM
East York Animal Clinic
805 O’Connor Drive
Toronto, ON M4B2S7
Tel: 416-757-3569
Specialty: Prolozone, Major Autohemotherapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, Limb Baggin, Rectal Insufflation, UV Therapy.Our veterinarians, Dr. Paul McCutcheon, Dr. Cindy Kneebone and Dr. Anya Yushchenko, practice veterinary medicine using an integrative approach. This approach explores the many avenues of diagnostic and therapeutic methods – whether considered mainstream or holistic. As needed, we utilize the input of visiting specialists and offsite referral and emergency facilities. We are celebrating 50 years of serving you and your pet! Come in to see us!
Dr. Eric Mullins DMD
650 South Pelham Road
Welland ON L3C 3C8 Canada
Tel: 905-732-1121 Fax: 905-732-0688
Specialty: Dental Ozone Protocols; Ozone in Dentistry (Certified through the ACIMD): preventative dentistry, ozone for fillings, used in completing root canals, gum treatment, extractions and dental infections. Dr. Mullins has been using ozone in dentistry since 2010 and received training and formal certification at the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry.
Donn Gaudin, Phd, Dr. Med
Canadian Centre for Integrated Health Studies Inc.
30 Sword Street
Toronto, ON, M5A 3N2 Canada
Tel: 416-922-0006
Fax: 416-922-8188
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone IV. Orthomolecular nutrition, collateral biological dental support, Biological Medicine (trained in Germany), Heavy Metal Detoxification, Neuroendocrinology, Oxygen Therapies, Neuraltherapy.
Dr. Oksana M. Sawiak DDS IMD
Integrative Wellness & Detox Centre
523 Guelph Street
Norval ON L0P1K0 Canada
Tel: 905-279-6619 
Specialty: Ozone Dental Protocols, Limb Bagging, Rectal Ozone Insufflation, RIFE, Far InfraRed Sauna, ION Cleansing, Foot Baths, Laser, Acudiscs, Dental Hygeine Services, Body Talk, Detoxification.
Dr. Irena Szczesny DDS
1038 Lawson Road
London, ON N6G3V6 Canada
Tel: 519-471-0984
Emaildrszczesny@yahoo.caSpecialty:Prolozone Ozone Injections, Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy, Limb Bagging, Ozone Dental Protocols, Mercury Safe Removal Dentist, Orthodontics, Luminierrs, TMJ and Sleep Therapy, Family Dentistry.