Why the Bacteria Strains in Doctor's Biome are Superior to other Probiotics


“Smart” bacteria; like the ones in Doctor’s Biome, can sense when they're attached to our intestinal cells, and then remodel their expression of specific genes, including those involved in metabolism, to beneficially exploit our cells and colonize our gut.

“Microbial intelligence” also called “bacterial intelligence” is “intelligence” shown by many microorganisms. This includes complex adaptive behaviors shown by bacteria in addition to cooperative behavior in groups of similar or even unsimilar organisms. The reactions are caused by chemical signaling that stimulates behavioral and even physiological changes in the bacteria as well as in their colony forming units (CFU’s).

Many bacteria have shown amazing ability to adapt themselves to changing circumstances.

Bacteria can often display very sophisticated behavior. These behaviors are found in some of Doctor’s Biome’s individual strains as well as in mixed strains due to their interaction.

It is believed that a bacterial colony interacts like a biological “neural network”. The bacteria get information transmitted in the form of “chemical signals” and then send out chemical signals to the other bacteria in their colony.

Research in this area has been underway for some time around the world.

For example:

Bacteria can mutate into different and resistant strains due to attack (stress) from antibiotics.

Bacterial biofilms develop through the “collective behavior” of the entire colony, representing millions or billions of cells.

Some biofilms can use electric signals to synchronize their growth so that the interior cells of the biofilm do not die from starvation.

Bacteria have shown that they can swap genes between the cells of mixed strains.

Changes in nutritional environment can cause colonies of bacteria to reorganize themselves in such a way so as to maximize nutrient availability.

Environmental changes can cause bacteria transform into “endospores” that can adapt to resist dehydration and temperature changes.

The strains chosen for Doctor’s Biome were studied and published as being most beneficial to repopulate the gut; taking all of the above into consideration.

They have been shown to fight the unhealthy bacteria and yeast living in our gut. Ultimately, they can win the battle due to “competitive exclusion” and their ability to use all the mechanisms above to overwhelm the enemy and recolonize our gut.

Howard F. Robins, D.P.M.



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