Statement From the Founder

We have something very important to share to each one of you that’s pretty incredible with the CoronaVirus that is out there scaring people and even shutting companies down to where they cant even operate and whatnot. We were proactive early on as soon as this started, and contacted a national credited lab to do a test done with our air reactor. Which I think is very impressive because if you look at the details which I’m fixing to go in a minute, you will see exactly why is so impressive. What we did, we supplied a unit to a national credited lab in Texas, which I will tell you very few labs had the CoronaVirus. Most labs do not have it and I was on the phone with twelve different laboratories who said, “we do not have the CoronaVirus, nor we don’t even want it in our building”. I was able to find one in Round Rock TX (Microchem Laboratory) and we are very impress with it.

Therefore I wanted to share the results with you out here and go over a couple of things because what they did in the testing is they had one petri dish with the CoronaVirus in it and they did not use a substance to keep it moist, other than water to keep it alive. In addition, they didn’t have any potato-based things in there for the virus to be in. We did this test for a surface mount only. The reason why is so important to understand why it was done for the surface mount is because of the fact the virus dies itself out in 2 days, 3 days, 4 days or whatever is. There are so many discrepancies in how long it takes for the virus to actually die out, however what we wanted to do is a test early on, with no chance of dying out on its own, in order to see exactly what the air reactor actually does and we have been able to do that. In saying that, there was one petri dish that was 1ft away from the machine, another one was 10ft away form the machine, and they turned the air reactor on. Then, they placed the petri dishes, so the room was not consumed with super OH radicals at that point. Meaning the machine was behind the curve trying to catch up if you will.

In one hour, we were able to eliminate 90% of the CoronaVirus in a petri dish 1 ft away from the machine. With the petri dish that was 10ft away from the machine, the CoronaVirus was destroyed by 82.2%. So we had the one that is literally a foot away and got 90% and then the other that got 82.2%. The question is, does the Air Reactor super OH radical molecule, is it stabilized enough to get the stuffs around the room or across the room?

Absolutely! What our technology is about is creating a safe haven inside a home to where you don’t have to worry even if you get expose to it. With the Air Reactor, you come back home and at least you will have it there helping you, working with you to eliminate that virus. Because of what it does, for those of you who don’t know, our technology it doesn’t collect or kill but it literally destroys the molecular molecule of a virus or a bacteria (mold, mildew, VOC’s, Mycotoxins, Formaldehyde) we are one of the very few companies, and I don’t know any other that actuallycan claim they can get rid of Mycrotoxins, but we can. So that is very important to understand the entire test and exactly how it is we did not let the air dry the molecules out. We wanted to short-test to ensure the importance and the integrity of the air reactor to show that in fact that it got rid of most within an hour.

Now ask yourselves this question, if you had an air reactor for weeks or even months, and then introduced the CoronaVirus in your home, whether it was from a family member or friends; At least you are there and it’s going to work much faster. This test results show that it did it. Having the machine, you will be able to see the difference. I wanted to touch bases with you guys about that to make sure everyone knew. Yes, its extremely hard to get the ConoraVirus COVID-19, we used another strain of the ConoraVirus to do our testing with, but here’s a thing to remember, the Air Reactor does not discriminate against any virus nor any bacteria. It treats them all the same.

Fortunately, viruses are the first thing that we see disappears when we do testings above and beyond bacteria and mold. If you want to create a safe haven inside your own home, please reach out to us. Find one of the sales reps, call us here at corporate (405) 820-3762. That is my own personal phone. I’ll be glad to answer any questions that you may have or go everything with you. I encourage each and everyone of you to create a safe haven inside your home not just for the Coronavirus but what may be coming in the future. And on top of that the mold, that most people don’t know about, is also very impressive the results we have received as well. If there are any questions whatsoever, I want you to feel free to give me a call and go over.

You can also click here and you will be able to get information. For heaves sake, during this crisis, specially for your elderly, like my mother who is 82 years old. She falls into that “danger zone” because she had pneumonia twice and her lungs have been compromised. So therefore is very important for people like that to have the air reactors. And we have many testimonies coming in where people felt like they were getting sick and all the sudden they don’t. However, we cannot make any claims and will not, that the Air Reactors do not prevent, cure or diagnose any diseases. I want to make sure I clear on that, but it does destroy viruses, bacteria, mildew, so it can help to create a safe haven inside your own home and that is what we are talking about here. Feel free to reach us if you have any questions.
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