Dear Doctors, Affiliates and Distributors,

Thank you so very much for your trust, and the support you have given to OZOLABS products over the last two years. The initial path for a small company is arduous. Without your support and sponsorship, we would not be here today. Please read on for some great news.

  1. I am attaching the new images for Ozolabs  products displaying the certification seals, taken by a professional photographer with 25 yrs of experience in this type of work. Excellent pictures of OZOVITA's softgels are also attached. Yes, OZOVITA's  softgels are here! All pictures have been optimized for website display. Within the next month or two, new and improved marketing materials will be available to you with your orders. We respectfully ask that you replace the artwork on your websites with these beautiful shots of our certified organic products.
  1. We are now waiting for the Organic Certificate for all of OZOLABS products to be sent to us. All products have been fastidiously scrutinized, some formulas have been improved, and our lab processes and formulations have been certified as organic by BioInspecta, a Swiss certification agency.

OZOLABS' ozone oil is the first in the world to be certified as organic, and we take great pride in this achievement.

The next step, to be finalized in 2020, is to attain an ISO certification.

  1. During the course of this summer, the OZOLABS team undertook some fascinating work, which resulted in us being able to take away the ozone smell from our oils without sacrificing their performance. This new oil will be incorporated into a new cream for those clients who do not enjoy the strong ozone oil smell of our products. With this advance, we will be able to reach every possible customer on the face of the planet, and that is exactly what we plan to do.
  1. Because we thought long and hard about our pricing before we placed the products in the market, there will be no price increase for you or your patients/clients for these products. Only the tooth paste, which will now be sold in 100ml (instead of 75ml) will have a price increase commensurate with the new product content.

With these advances in place, our work in the near future is going to focus on selling the products, we hope that you can join us in that exciting effort so that together we can take these wonderful products to the next level, helping ozone oil and ozone therapies in general attain the place they should have in the medical and skin care fields.

  1. We are now able to produce over 2,000 gallons of ozonated oil per year in our state of the art lab, using the highest grade medical oxygen. Our lab is certified and periodically inspected by the Spanish health authorities, by BioInspecta, and soon by ISO. You can recommend our oils and products to your patients and clients with full confidence about the traceability, production, formulation, supervision and quality of our products. We buy only the best, usually also the most expensive ingredients and containers, and we produce truly safe and effective formulations. Our formulations are also certified for dermatological use.

Last but not least! OZOVITA's softgels are now available for sale at www.ozovita.com. Your patients can use them for any GI issue that is bacteria, fungus or virus-related, or whenever antibiotics would be recommended. They really work and the softgels are far superior in quality and ease of us to their predecessors, the capsules.

I suggest that you all try a box of 10 bottles and recommend them to your patients. You will be amazed at what they report! We have had feedback from patients with eczema and other systemic, immune-related illnesses who have improved substantially with the softgels.

The OZOLABS team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for recommending, using and appreciating our products. We look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration for everyone concerned.

We are working on more, extremely exciting products and news...... but for those..... you will have to wait!

With deep gratitude,


Mary-Lis Urueña                           Dr. Silvia Menéndez, PhD                  Michael Arbuckle, MA, CF

 Founder & CEO                             Partner, Scientific Advisor                 Partner, CFO, COO