Ozone, A Medical Breakthrough?

An Investigative documentary Video


Geoff Rogers

Filmed in 11 countries over 16 years

Today, hospitals around the world use Ozone Therapy!

Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes, MS, Fybromylagia, Epstein Bar, Parkinson's, Eczema, Pain, Stroke, the list is lengthy.

Ozone therapy is extremely effective with no adverse side affects.
Medical Ozone Therapy is not approved in Canada and the USA.

Ozone a Medical Breakthrough?  features interviews with patients, doctors, including Academy Award nominated Nick Nolte, as well as top experts and representatives from U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the (NIH) National Institutes of Health.
Narrated by Will Lyman (PBS Frontline).  



"The video is so clear and accessible to everyone.  Thanks to all involved in its production.  I plan to donate my copy to the local library after showing it to my friends and family."Kathryn

"Just finished Geoffrey's video... speechless, mad as hell and inspired!"


"This is a must see film".  It tells the TRUTH of what is really going on in the world from the up most experts in this field.  This film examines both sides and will let the viewer make up their own minds.  I only pray that this comes to the main stream and can help countless persons who have been sold a bill of goods that just keeps them trapped in the medical machine.


Dear Mr. Peter Jovanovic,

I’ve recently viewed the video documentary you sent me called “Ozone, a Medical Breakthrough” and what a breakthrough it is!!! I can’t believe this knowledge and information on Ozone Therapy and the profound positive effects it has on virtually any disease known to man is being suppressed in America and other countries. This video is a must see!!! It’s an eye opener for anyone looking for truth and facts on alternative medicine and Ozone Therapy.


Hi Peter,

Just watched the video with some friends and found it very educational and exciting. We all wish there was a way to wake-up this country of ours and move in a more natural direction. This video is a wonderful way to get started and should be shown on television and in all schools. There are people sick and dying who need to know the truth.

We have ozone on our pool and hot tub and can't stand swimming in pools with anything chemicals.

Thanks for being here and helping raise the consciousness.

Sincerely, Ken and Mario (Kenario)


I got the video and watched it. WOW!!!, what a scam these US and Canada government are playing to not approve the Ozone therapy, and yet there are 5 million applications of Ozone been done with only .00005 side effects.
Thanks for the video.

Jag Sandhu
Hewlett-Packard Services

Hello Peter, Thoughts on the Ozone video:

Thought provoking.



Very good quality.

You've got heavy hitters from both pro and anti Medical Ozone Therapy camps on the video.

Given the very well informed rebuttals, the number of positive experiences, the number of people using ozone and the number of countries where it is accepted as a standard treatment method ...it's obvious that there's more to Medical Ozone Therapy than some countries recognise.

Not surprised it won best documentary.

I am surprised that none of the TV stations would play it. 

If my local TV station wants to play it how does one get permission?


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