Ozone Without Borders Update July/August 2020

In this time of uncertainty, we at Ozone Without Borders have decided that it would not be advisable for us to have a conference this year and we look forward to resuming our annual conferences in April 2021, announcements will be sent to email and social media as we get closer to that date.

On another note, we shall make these conferences and their contribution amounts less and less as we go, look forward to that and it should help you bring those that are interested Medical Ozone to the conferences. This will allow for those that could not normally afford to go. We are looking at scholarships, subsidies and leasing company partners. All in all more and more exciting thing coming to your society and for your memberships with our ever growing movement to make medical ozone a standard in medicine.

We thank you for your contributions thus far and for those that have paid for the conference in 2020, you do have some options. Should you wish a refund due to financial difficulties, we have been authorized for this time only to do so. Please feel free to contact me directly at peter@ozonewithoutborders.ngo with your request. You can also, save your contribution and either apply it to next years conference or for the many courses and videos we have on the site or even contribute to our society and mandate if you wish.

Latest Site News

This is a partial list of the latest additions to the site:

We can go on and on, but as you can see, we are creating the largest Medical Ozone Site in the world. I encourage all of you to go and poke around the site and take a look for much more than we have covered here and to become a member of Ozone Without Borders and contribute to our push to make medical ozone therapy a standard in medicine.

Please feel free to give any feedback, suggestions, postings and anything else that you think will make our site and society better.

Prof. Peter Jovanovic, Executive Director
            Ozone Without Borders

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