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Costa Rica 2019 Medical Ozone Therapy Conference Videos

We are proud and privileged to bring you the latest videos from the Ozone Without Borders Conference in Costa Rica April 2019. These videos contain the latest and most up to date information on medical ozone therapies not seen anywhere on any stage at any conference. We invite you to view these remarkable lecturers and what they bring to the table. Click on the picture or text for details regarding these videos.

There are twenty one videos in this set which include lectures, workshops and live demonstrations. There are packs and individual videos to purchase and almost all are at least one hour or more with the workshop videos and live demonstrations being much, much longer. If you do not see the quantity you like or if there are issues and questions of any sort, please feel free to contact us at

As a bonus, all those that purchase ten or more videos will receive two very special videos. One is a video of Howard Robins being interviewed about his RMDIV medical ozone therapy. Howard talks about his process ad shows us how to do RMDIV. The second is an interview with the greatest innovator of UVBI therapy that there is, Gene Barnett. These videos are not for sale. Please note that packs do not include Workshop videos, those must be purchased separately.

*As another bonus, the videos from the Aruba Conference in 2018 are marked down even further and they can be found here Aruba Video Lectures Here

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