Costa Rica Ozone Therapy Video Lectures 2019
Dr. Eric Zaremski
June 6, 2018
Andre Hugo Smith & Prof. Thomas Incledon
June 8, 2018
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Bostjan Barbis & Uros Tacar


Introducing the team of Boštjan Barbiš and Uroš Tacar. What can I say about these two, my brothers from Slovenia. One an auditor for the European Union regarding medical devices and the other a medical device manufacturer and designer. We asked them the question, what would it take to bring ozone to being an accepted form of treatment in medicine and what would it take to bring a medical ozone machine to market? Not only did they accept our proposal but they flew all the way out from Slovenia to Aruba because they were excited as to the direction we want to take and had the answers we needed. This, again is something we all need to hear and discuss among ourselves. I think it is clear that this is what we all want and funny enough is not such a big deal, well at lest when they explain it. So, if you truly want to see ozone as standard of care and want to see all ozone machines be the very best they can be, this will be a video that you will truly enjoy, don’t miss it!