Aruba Ozone Therapy Video Lectures 2018

Bostjan Barbis & Uros Tacar
June 6, 2018
Whit Sheppard
June 8, 2018
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Andre Hugo Smith & Prof. Thomas Incledon

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Introducing Andre Hugo Smith who is the owner of the most advanced sauna’s in the world. He explains his mission and reason for his HOCATT system. Normally Andre does not talk in conferences but graciously accepted our invitation and brought another true scientist to explain further in detail on the clinical studies done with his HOCATT system. I must admit that this lecture I was looking forward to as there have been no previous studies done on any ozonated sauna. Andre introduced us to Prof. Thomas Incledon who led us through the fascinating studies and unveiled them for the first time anywhere at our conference in Aruba. All those using any type of sauna need to hear the wealth of information that this video has to offer.