Costa Rica Ozone Therapy Video Lectures 2019
Bostjan Barbis & Uros Tacar
June 6, 2018
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Dr. Eric Zaremski


Introducing Eric Zaremski, DDS, OFM, FACE. Eric is first of all one of the most humorous presenters i have ever known. His style of presentation is very unique and again, although he has been on the ozone circuit, he brought with him a different and unique lecture that should be viewed by all as it was about something most of use and that is ozonated oil. Listen to Eric tear down everything you need to know about making and using ozonated oil both personally and in your practice. His unique style and refreshing attitude is certain to please all that view this video and we are very grateful that Eric gave us the opportunity to learn all there is to know about ozonated oils. This one video should be viewed by all of us and we should invite the public as well to buy this video so that they can fully understand the power and use of ozonated oils.