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Dr. Alexandre Castelo Branco de Luca
June 8, 2018
Dr. Vicky
June 8, 2018
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Dr. Gene Barnett

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Introducing Gene Barnett, the UVBI guy. Let’s face it, you would have to be living in a hole if you never heard of UVBI but you probably never heard of Gene. Many have come on stages and boasted about their UVBI devices, saying how they are the best and even creating new names for an old therapy but Gene, Gene is special, he doesn’t boast about his product and research which is why you may have never seen him speak but he did accept our invitation because we all really wanted to know what the heck UBVI was and what is it good for. Who better to tell us than the innovator and creator of the best, in my opinion hemalumen device on the planet, Grab this tape and listen to not only the interesting history of UVBI but also the reality of this therapy and what it can do for you or your patients. A video rich in information awaits you.

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