Costa Rica Ozone Therapy Video Lectures 2019
Dr. Robert Rowen
June 8, 2018
Dr. Peter E. Wilcox
June 8, 2018
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Wendy J. Michaelis

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Introducing Wendy J. Michaelis, MAC. Wendy is another newcomer to the ozone conference group and she did an incredible job of introducing the attendees to the world of mold, mycotoxins and how they affect us not only in medicine but most importantly in our places of work, homes and buildings. We get to learn what it is, the impact on society and how to get rid of it with ozone. Wendy teaches her clients and all those willing to listen how this affects us and what to do about it. Ozone is not only effective as a therapy for humans, it is also extremely effective in resolving issues related to a contaminated work place or home and in this video you will all learn why. If mold and mycotoxin and how to resolve them is an issue with you, you really need to see Wendy on stage explaining the intricacies of mold and mycotoxin reduction, an enjoyable watch to be sure.