Costa Rica Ozone Therapy Video Lectures 2019
Dr. Margo Roman
June 8, 2018
Questions & Answers #2
June 10, 2018
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Questions & Answers #1

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Introducing two videos, yes two that were shot on the last day of the conference where almost all lecturers were on stage for a question and answer period and are probably the best of all the videos in this lot. This I say because there is more information contained in these two videos than in any others I have seen. This was mostly due to the questions posed to the panel. See how the panel reacts and answers the questions posed by doctors and lay people that attended the conference. The questions were well thought out and the answers may astound you. Full of humor, facts and interesting ides and concepts, you may want to be certain that you order and watch these two videos. Please note that this is one in a set of two videos and will be counted as such when ordering.