PTFE vs Silicone Tubing
Demonstrate Loss of Ozone Concentration dependent upon tubing material, internal diameter (ID), with all other parameters constant. Test at 76 degrees, generator output of 108 mcg/ml, flow rate at 1/32 lpm. Data points established using stop frame data collection from continuous video of process with both timer and ozone concentration values being displayed concurrently on video.
Date: 5-2020
Note significant differences:
1. Time for ozone to reach tip at end of tubing.
2. The loss of concentration as well as time for the same ID of PTFE and silicone.
3. Significant delay in delivery and loss of ozone as tubing ID increased. Questions:
4. Is the difference due to chemical reactions?
a. It is known that long term exposure of silicone to ozone can result in stiff or brittle tubing most likely due to chemical oxidization.
5. Is the difference due to mechanical influence on passage of gases, i.e., surface roughness?
Full uncut video of evaluation:
Submitted by Dennis Mihalka, DDS, May 5, 2020
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