Dr. Mikhail Artamonov MD
MJA HealthCare
231 Friemann Lane,
Sciota PA 18354 USA
Tel: 570-872-9800
Fax: 570-872-9888

Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone Major Autohemotherapy, Ozone Minor Autohemotherapy, Ozone Limb Bagging, UVB Therapy (Ultraviolet), IV Nutritional Protocols, AntiAging Protocols, Intra-Discal Ozone Injections, Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery, Pain Management, PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma), Stem Cell Therapy, Cosmetic Ozone, Hair Loss Therapy, Weight Loss, Ozone Accupuncture, Mesotherapy, Biopuncture, Prolotherapy

The MJA HealthCare, P.C. Pain Clinic is one of Pennsylvania’s most advanced centers specializing in the management and treatment of pain and general wellbeing. Millions of Americans suffer from different painful conditions daily, and quite often they have suffered for years without adequate treatment. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of our patients.

Robert Rowen, MD and Terri Su, MD
Rowen Su Medical Clinic
2200 County Center Dr. Ste C
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Tel 707-578-7787
Specialty: All aspects of ozone therapy. Prolozone, major autohemotherapy by hyperbaric ozone method, ozone dialysis (RHP), limb and wound treatment, rectal insufflation, ozone sauna (Hocatt), all local injections, minor autohemotherapy, bladder ozone, home ozone instruction, ultraviolet blood irradiation, other IV therapies. Lyme disease treatment. Supportive care for cancer. Chronic infection, chronic pain. Analysis of dental contribution to systemic disease.
Internationally known instructors of ozone and oxidation therapies.
Dr. Nael Dagstani

Xan Medical,
2600 E Southern Ave,
Suite J2,
Tempe AZ 85282,

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Nael Dagstani, NMD

1731 Mesquite Ave #4 Lake Havasu City AZ 86403
8700 e via de ventura #100 scottsdale AZ 85258
Phone: 480 861 3916



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