Dale C. Madson DDS

With the Robin's direct IV ozone technique my patients achieve a better level of healing and in less time and refer their family and friends. Dale C. Madson DDS Statesboro, Georgia

Boyer B. Cole, N.M.D.

Thank you for the comprehensive training in DIV. The access to your patients and your insights on the details of the therapy were very valuable to my full understanding of what you have created. This has allowed me to replicate your approach with my patients. I appreciate the care and detail you gave me in understanding the mechanism and potential of this therapy.

Robert Rowen M.D.

Dr. Robins has perfected a simple highly effective and quite cost effective method of ozone delivery which all ozone practitioners should know about. I thought enough of this technique to request him to come with me to Africa to use it on Ebola victims. And yes, it has proven effective in curing Ebola, so those reading this should know that Dr. Robins method of ozone delivery is quite effective and cost-effective. He also is a lot of fun to work with!Robert Rowen M.D. Santa Rosa, California

David I Minkoff MD

Spending the few days with you to learn direct ozone has transformed my practice. My success rate with chronically ill patients has vastly improved to the point where I now feel like I can handle nearly any one with anything. Your very compassionate tutelage made you easy to learn from and I think your impact on improving the health of people cannot be overestimated. I thank you completely and will be grateful forever.Sincerely, David I Minkoff MD Lifeworks Wellness Center Clearwater, Florida

Mark Vance M.D.

I very much enjoyed the 3 days I spent with Dr. Robins. He is truly very knowledgeable and caring towards his patients. A most remarkable individual, I consider him a friend and a mentor.It was a wonderfully instructive course and I felt fully ready to be able to do the direct IV ozone procedure at the end of it. Direct IV ozone is something that I use regularly my practice now, and I think it gives me better results that I was getting before with just major autohemotherapy and ultraviolet blood irradiation... If you want to improve on the results you get with other forms of ozone, there is no better course or way to learn DIV ozone than from the master himself - Dr Robins!Mark Vance M.D. Meridian, Idaho

Fernando Morais Branco, DMD, PhD

“Working alongside Dr. Howard Robins was a great experience, as I got to see him use the DIV technique in over one 100 patients, both in his clinic and at his house. I was able to talk with the patients, who had a number of different pathologies. Being with Dr. Howard over the course of 3 days, gave me the chance me to ask many questions and learn the nitty-gritty of the DIV technique. I strongly recommend the DIV training with Dr. Howard Robins!”Fernando Morais Branco, DMD, PhD Full Professor – University of Porto Portugal

Jennifer Enos. N.P.

"I will say that the course was valuable in gathering true pearls of wisdom that one could not glean anywhere else. This can only occur in spending time with you. It allowed me the opportunity to cultivate confidence in DIV ozone, something that I believe cannot be gained anywhere else in the nation. Your enthusiasm, commitment dedication to this healing modality are truly and inspiration along with your vibrant energy, sense of humor, lightness and laughter a pleasure to be around. I am not sure to call you the Original "Father of DIV Ozone" or the Grandfather of DIV. (don't want to offend you, lol). A MUST course to do!!!"

Martin Mulders MD

I spent 3 days with Dr. Robins for training in DIV. I was very impressed by his knowledge and vast experience. Within these 3 days I learned all the details for doing successful DIV treatments on my patients. Within one week I was treating 5 to 10 patients/day. Now 3 months later we are treating 10 to 15 patients/day and having great success. One of the most important benefits of spending time with Dr. Robins was all the details of the treatment and individualized responses patients can have and how to deal with those. In my opinion it is imperative to do the training if you want to start using DIV successfully.

Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I.

I was grateful for the opportunity to observe, learn, and implement the Robins Method of Direct IV medical oxygen-ozone infusions for 3 days in August 2014. Upon return to my office in Southern California, I initiated a study using medical oxygen-ozone using my existing staff, who all easily performed the procedure with a 2 hour training session under my instruction and are now very comfortable with it. We have done 100’s of infusions without experiencing anything unexpected. The responses from patients have been uniformly excellent and they report a significantly better outcome compared to high dose Major AutoHemotherapy, even when combined with UBI. If you have the opportunity to see for yourself, I highly recommend Dr. Robins training. I predict that major AutoHemotherapy will be in large part replaced by the Robins Method because of time, cost, results, and safety when performed appropriately.
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