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Ozone Therapy Doctors and Clinics – Idaho

Dr. Kurt A. Bailey DC NMD NP-C
3510 12th Street
Lewiston ID 83501
Tel: 208-799-3333 Fax: 208-799-3375
Specialty: Prolozone Ozone Injections, Neural ProloTherapy, Chiropractic.
We strive to blend the best of conventional western medicine, with Chiropractic care and holistic natural medicine. Here in Lewiston, Idaho we offer Primary and Complimentary Care in one convenient location! Our doctor, Kurt Bailey, is a Chiropractor, Naturopath and a Family Nurse Practitioner. This is most beneficial to you, our patients as you can get the benefit of three great providers in one convenient location.
Dr. Morgan G. Barkdull D.C. N.M.D.
Teton Chiropractic
P.O. Box 526
32 W. Little Ave.
Driggs Idaho 83422
Tel: 208-354-8010 office
Fax: 208-354-3166 fax
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone Sauna,Detox Therapy, Injectable Nutrients, Allergy Elimination, Sports Injuries.
Dr. Terry L. Burke DC, NMD
Burke Family Chiropractic Integrative Health Services Inc.
1348 E 17th Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83404 USA
Tel: 208-542-6564 Fax: 208-542-6571
: Prolozone Ozone Therapy, Ozone Limb Bagging, Ozone Rectal Insufflation, Chelation and IV Therapies.
Dr. Woodrow L. Dunlap, NMD DC
Wellenss Center
304 A Hill Street
Kamiah ID 83536 USA
Tel: 208-935-7097 Fax: 208-935-2992
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone Sauna, Major Autohemotherapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, Limb Bagging, Rectal Insufflation, UV Therapy, Microscopy, Colonic Therapy
Dr. Noah B. Edvalson, DC, NMD, FIAMA
Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine
3271 N. Milwaukee St.
Boise, ID 83704
Tel: 208-629-5374 Fax: 208-629-5394

: Prolozone, Major Autohemotherapy, Hyperthermic Ozone Sauna, Ear and Cup insufflation, Limb Ozone bagging.
Dr. Noah Edvalson has completed the Advanced Prolozone course with Dr. Shallenberger, as well as the Oxidative therapies course with Dr. Robert Rowen. He specializes in Prolozone, Major Ozone Autohemotherapy, Rectal, Ear and Cup insufflation, Limb bagging, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopathic and Functional Medicine for the entire family. We find the CAUSE of your symptoms and then target that problem to bring you faster results with safe and natural approaches. in order to learn more!
Dr. George Fiegel DC, ND
Hana Chiropractic
102 South Washington
Moscow ID 83843 USA
Tel: 208-882-3012 Fax: 208-882-0396
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone Limb Bagging, Ozone Rectal Insufflation. Chiropractic Care for all Ages, Naturopathic Care, Nutritional Counseling, Laser Therapy, CranialSacral Therapy
We base the holistic services we provide on thorough examination and a complete overview of the patient. We specialize in non-surgical orthopedics, pain management and physical rehabilitation. We work hard to correct the injuries caused by automobile accidents, sports, and workplace accidents. We can help reverse the effects of injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture and poor lifting habits. Dr. Fiegel & his staff believe in promoting Wellness through injury prevention and health maintenance.
Dr. Richard Powell, NMD, DCM(P), CAc, PhD, BCN,
Southern Idaho Naturopathic Clinic
488 Blue Lakes Blvd North, Suite 107
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Tel: (800) 997-2844
Fax: 866-266-0692
Web Site
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone Major Autohemotherapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, Ozone Insufflations, Topical Ozone. Specialty consists of Naturopathy, Accupuncture, Pain Management, Life Coaching, the Ozone protocols listed above and Ozone Colonic Hydotherapy.
Dr. Jon M. Harmon, DC
Harmon Spinal and Extremity Solutions
9161 W. Blackeagle Drive
Boise ID 83709 USA
Tel: 208-321-1500 Fax: 208-323-4418
Specialty: Prolozone, Major Ozone Autohemotherapy, Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy, Limb Ozone Bagging, Rectal Ozone Insufflation, UV Therapy.
Dr. Harmon has received Ozone Therapy Certification by attending Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s Ozone Therapy Course. He is a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner and offers complete assessments of the joints outside of the spine as well as treatment of spinal problems. Patients seeking treatment at Harmon Spinal and Extremity Solutions with Dr. Jon M. Harmon are assured of receiving the finest quality care in chiropractic, and the latest in alternative treatments for problems in the muscles and painful joints. Go to our website or click “Treatment Options” here for more information!
Dr. Dennis Harper, DC
Harper Chiropractic
10620 Highway 12
Orofino ID 83544 USA
Tel: 208-476-3158 Fax: 208-476-7878

: Prolozone
Dr. Steven B Hall, DC
Lakeland Chiropractic Clinic
14822 N. Highway 41
Rathdrum ID 83858 USA
Tel: 208-687-7029
Specialty: Specialty: Prolozone, Low Level Laser Therapy, Spinal Decompression (flexion
distraction), Traditional Adjustment Techniques, Activator technique.
Dr. Thomas Hickey DC
376 S. Latah
Boise, ID 83705
Tel: 208-338-9111 Fax: 208-331-2347
Specialty: Prolozone Ozone Injections
Dr. Bill Higgins, DC
Higgins Clinic NW 
1250 Northwood Center Ct. B
Coeur d’Alene ID 83814 USA
Tel: 208 765 1250 Fax: 208-665-5756 
Specialty: Prolozone, IV Vitamin C and Chelation, Chezone, Neural Therapy, Trigger Point Injections, Chiropractic Postural Correction.Higgins Clinic NW focuses on combining the best of Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition. We know our clinic is unlike any you will visit. Higgins Clinic NW utilizes cutting edge natural technologies to alleviate pain and restore function. Call us for more information or visit our website.
Dr. Ann Huycke MD
Metta Healthcare

4501 West Alamosa Street
Boise ID 83703 USA
Tel: 208-658-5570 Fax: 208-658-6811
Specialty: Prolozone, Major Autohemotherapy, Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy, Limb Ozone Bagging, UV Therapy, IV Ozonated Saline, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Breast Thermography.‘Metta’ which translates to ‘compassionate’ or ‘loving kindness’ illustrates our clinic’s commitment to patient care. If you’re looking for the cutting edge in Natural Medicine, you’ll find it at Metta Health Care!
Dr. James Kranz
Kranz Chiropractic
910 N Curtis Road
Boise ID 83706 USA
Tel: 208-377-3777 Fax: 208-377-3779
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone Limb Bagging, Rectal Insufflation, Chiropractic Rehab, Acupuncture
Dr. Corey Matthews DC FIAMA
Idaho Chiropractic Group
403 S. 11th , #110
Boise ID 83702 USA
Tel: 208-343-6900 Fax: 208-343-0642
: Prolozone, Minor Autohemotherapy, UV Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Nutrition, IV Therapies, Biophotonic Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation.
Patients seeking treatment at Idaho Chiropractic Group are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology. The doctors and the staff have a genuine concern for your well-being! Dr. Corey Matthews and Dr. Timothy Klena are committed to brining you better health and a better way of life.
Dr. Mary Migliori MD
Integrative Medicine of Idaho 

760 Warm Springs Ave. Suite A
Boise ID 83212
Tel: 208-426-0052 Fax: 208-475-2643
Ozone Protocols: Prolozone, Ozone Sauna, Major Autohemotherapy, Rectal Insufflation, UV Therapy
Specialty: At Integrative Medicine of Idaho, we listen to you, find the root cause of your symptoms and facilitate your journey to optimal well-being. We specialize in preventive medicine, natural pain management, regenerative therapies, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Technologies from Germany and Switzerland enable us to significantly accelerate regeneration. A 15 Minute Heart rate variability assessment gives us a quantitiative portrait of our patient’s physiological and fitness level and allows us to track improvements on over all well-being. This is an exciting new approach that we are able to bring to our patients.
Dr. Larry Nelson, DC, NMD
Eastern Idaho Chiropractic Clinic
2585 Channing Way
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404
Tel: 208-522-0200
Fax: 208-523-6051
Ozone Protocols: Prolozone, Minor Autohemotherapy, Limb Bagging
Specialty: We offer complete Chiropractic, Naturopathic, and Accupuncture services to the whole family.
Dr. David Owens, DC
Owens Chiropractic Clinic,
2007 N Whitley
Fruitland ID 83619 USA
Tel: 208-452-4455 Fax: 208-452-3025
Ozone Protocols: Prolozone
Specialty: We offer Prolozone Ozone Therapy, Vitamin Injections and Chiropractic Care.
Dr. Baden Patterson, DC
Fit 4 Life Integrated Health Clinic,
2086 E. 25th Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83406 USA
Tel: 208-391-3484
Ozone Protocols: Prolozone, Major Ozone Autohemotherapy, Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy, Limb Ozone Bagging, Rectal Ozone Insufflation, UV Therapy.
Specialty: We are now a fully integrated Health Clinic with Chiropractic and full Medical Services/Practitioners, focusing on Functional Medicine. We also offer Medical weight loss and Full Day Spa services at the same location through our Fit Slim Health Spa.
Dr. J Edward Perkins DC ND
Homedale Chiropractic Center
111 South Main Street
Homedale, Idaho 83628
Tel: 208-337-4900
Fax: 208-337-3736
Specialty: Prolozone: Knees, Spine, Shoulder
Dr. Shawn Rudkin DC
Parma Chiropractic

101 E Grove Ave
Parma, ID 83660 USA
Tel: 208-722-9999
Specialty: Prolozone Ozone Injections
Dr. Scott Freeborn, ND
Native Naturopathics
191 West River Street, Suite 201
Ketchum ID 83340 USA
Tel: 208-726-8977Fax: 208-725-5231
Specialty: Prolozone, Major Autohemotherapy, Limb Bagging
Dr. B. Mark Vance MD
Vance Medical
1001 N. Meridian Road
Meridian ID 83642 USA
Tel: 208-227-8146 Fax: 208-227-8538
Specialty: Prolozone, Major Autohemotherapy and Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy, Limb Ozone Bagging, Rectal Ozone Insufflation, UV Therapy.
Medical Consultants, LDA, LDI, Prolozone, Umbilical Stem Cell, PRP, other Pain Therapies.
Dr. James Wear, DC, NMD, CAc
Nampa Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic
124 12th Ave Road
Nampa ID 83686 USA
Tel: 208-466-5459 Fax: 208-466-5803
Web and
Specialty: Prolozone, Major Autohemotherapy and Minor Ozone Autohemotherapy, Limb Ozone Bagging, Rectal Ozone Insufflation, UV Therapy.
Nampa Chiropractic offers Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Acupuncture for Families, Darkfield Microscopy, Bio Meridian, Weight Management, Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT), Lifestyle Coaching, Non-Prescription, Non-Surgical Supportive Wellness Clinic.
Dr. Jason D. West, DC, NMD, DM
The West Clinic
1188 Call Place
Pocatello ID 83201 USA
Tel: 208-232-3216 Fax: 208-232-9412
Specialty: Prolozone, Major Autohemotherapy. Non surgical non-prescription health clinic. Since 1916 we have been providing specialezed individualized care for you and your family.
Dr. Larry Womack, ND
Whole Health Medical
1 East 100 North
Malad ID 83252 USA
Tel: 208-766-2344 Fax: 208-766-2144
Specialty: Prolozone, Ozone Sauna, Major Authohemotherapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, Limb Bagging, Rectal Insufflation, UV Therapy, Darkfield Microscopy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Chelation, Chiropractic, Spa, Light Therapy, Accupuncture, BioMeridian, HCG Diet, Rife (audio frequency) Treatment, Sleep Studies.
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