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First, let me congratulate you as you have landed on and are a member of, the largest and only true NGO society dedicated to advancing medical ozone, ozone therapy, and bio-oxidative technology worldwide. This site is open to all members of Ozone Without Borders and we ask that you register and join before proceeding further.

One of the reasons this site exists is because there are far too many contradictory websites scattered across the Internet regarding medical ozone. Ozone Without Borders in its attempt to clarify all ozone therapy information thought it would be wise to post all factual data in one place for those interested in facts and not myths or theories regarding this miraculous healing modality. All information on this site will be verified for accuracy and will not be posted unless there is certainty of its validity and origin making it safe to post for all the world to read, view, comment on and share.

Second to that, our intent, is to cut through the ego driven division in our field and come together as one group, unity and as a force to deal with. Estimates have said that there are approximately 45, 000 ozone therapists worldwide, I would venture to state that there are close to 100, 000 or more and growing daily. The problem is that they are either afraid to speak up or in areas that are hard to communicate with. Considering this abundant amount of professors, scientists, physicians, naturopaths and other assorted types of medical personnel, there is absolutely no reason why we are still fighting for our right to administer medical ozone therapy alongside and with any other tried and true healing modality. If you are a therapist of any sort or a person seeking medical ozone for yourself or those you love, we want you to join us, only you can make us stronger. We do not align ourselves with anyone and this society will always remain neutral and able to accept anyone anywhere. We will not be bought or coerced and are unshakable in our resolve. Our fight to put bio-oxidative therapies into mainstream medicine is mandatory but can only be achieved with your help, all of you because unity and strength are the key factors in achieving this goal.

Please feel free to send an email or call me directly should you have any suggestions or ideas on how to make this website better. I encourage you to be active in both the forum and review areas of this site and to understand that this site is for you, the member, as you are the one that makes this, a strong, united society.

Peter Jovanovic PhD (Hon.), M.D.(A.M.) M.E.S.T.
Executive Director, Ozone Without Borders
Society for the Advancement of Bio-Oxidative Therapy
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Ozone Therapy at Home by Drs. Robert Rowen and Terri Su

This is the most requested video by Drs. Robert Rowen and Terri Su. This video is over an hour long and goes into a lot of detail regarding medical ozone therapy use at home. A must see for any of you that are attempting to use this therapy on your own and are confused about it all. This video may lay your fears to rest and give you clarity as to its use.

You can view this video for as long as you like with a minimum contribution of $20 to Ozone Without Borders below. It works on a Google platform so you will need a Gmail address and must give us one when you contribute or send an email so that we can assign it there. You can, of course contribute as much as you like. Once your contribution is verified, we shall send you a link to access the video. Please do be patient as this is a manual and not an automatic process. We use PayPal but there is no need to have a PayPal account or sign in as you can bypass this and just pay by Credit Card, Check or whatever option they allow. There is only one email address allowed per person to view this link so please make certain you give us the address that you would like the link sent to, must be a Gmail address. . Finally, you do not need to join or be a member of OWB, these are two different contributions. Before contacting us please check spam/junk folder, Google drive and if any issues, please contact


We do however encourage you to join our movement towards making medical ozone therapy standard care worldwide. We have reports that the donate button does not work on mobile, we have no idea why and have sent a report to PayPal so if not, please do it another way or send us an email.

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