Dr Julian Holmes
Vitamin D is not a “miracle” and recent RCTs do not support supplementation:
January 19, 2019
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Dr Julian Holmes


On Saturday night June 09, 2018, one of the most beloved ozone therapists in the world and my good friend Dr. Julian Holmes passed on into the afterlife. I have no words in me to express my sadness. Julian Holmes always had a dream that we would all be united as a force and ozone therapy will be an accepted form of medical treatment world-wide. We, at Ozone Without Borders and myself personally will work even harder to accomplish this dream in Julian's name. It is without doubt that Julian gave his life for ozone therapy and he should be remembered as one of the pioneers of this, our beloved therapy. Hat's off to you Julian, may you rest in peace...Please feel free to comment or share your stories about Julian on this page.

Rest well my friend and know that we shall make all efforts to make your dream a reality...




  1. ozoneresearch1 says:

    Julian, you are a true legend in medical ozone and i hope that this page preserves your memory to all those that knew and loved you…

  2. KwanSoo Ha says:

    I’m so sorry your loss Ozone Dr.Julian Holmes and we never forget your history!

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